LaDulsaTina & Mathile Blouse - Tilly and the Buttons

My maternal grandmother’s name was Martina and she was a good seamstress, not a professional one but she was really good at that…my name is Martina and I took 32 years before starting to use a sewing machine!

I’m a Product and Service Designer, graduated at Politecnico di Milano, and I currently work in a Marketing & Communication office in Milan (Italy). Some time ago, surfing on the internet, I came across a pretty web-site that sells fabrics. Looking up to the awesome fabric’s graphics a lightbulb lit up in my head: why not trying to learn sewing in order to create my own dresses and accessories? After all, recently it’s got more and more difficult finding stuff, affordable in addition, that I really like in shops. So I’ve got informed, I’ve been learnt and now took courage and got it started!

This sewing blog was born to share my adventure (and misadventure), get suggestions and run into new people with whom sharing ideas and inspirations.

Ps: I decided to write this blog both in Italian and in English, but I’m not an English native speaker…so I’m sorry if there are some language mistakes from time to time, I’m still learning…day by day! 🙂

If you’d like to get in touch, write me an e-mail.