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First Italian Sewing Meet-up in Milan – 28th March 2015

by Ladulsatina
First Italian Sewing Meet-up in Milan - 28th March 2015

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to join the very first Italian Sewing Meet-up with other 29 sewing bloggers and lovers. It was, as you can imagine, an amazing day full of chattering with friends, fabrics and sun (oh yes, Milan welcomed everyone with a wonderful and warm spring day!)

The meet-up was organised by Blog Italiani di Cucito, that is Anna – Paunnet, Marine – Supercut, Nicoletta – DiNuvoleDiCuori and Silvia – SewingPrincess. I thank you very much, girls, for the opportunity to meet each other finally. I had never got to know someone online and then met them in person until then…and it was amazing! The power of sewing 😉

I had my SLR with me, but I preferred enjoying the day, so I took only some pics with my Iphone. I’m sure that the photos the other girls took will be amazing, so I’ll post the link to their pictures when they’ll be online.

First Italian Sewing Meet-up - 28 march 2015

First Italian Sewing Meet-up - 28 march 2015

The day got started at LabCafè in Milan, where we met for a brunch and a fabric swap. Practically we had to wrap a fabric from our stash up and bring it to the meeting for the swap. I was the first drawn girl for the choice… the whole mountain of packages was at my disposal 😉

Here I am, very undecided (pic by Veronica – Labcafè. In this facebook album you can find other photos of the meet-up) …

First Italian Sewing Meet-up - 28 march 2015

In the end I went for Ilaria – Audrey Couture‘s package in which I found this beautiful viscose.

First Italian Sewing Meet-up - 28 march 2015

Moreover Marine (Supercut) offered three prizes (fabrics and haberdashery) for three lucky drawn girls.

In the afternoon we went to Emmepi Tessuti, a fabric shop in the centre of Milan. We invaded it for two hours on the lookout for inspirations and fabrics, of course.

I went back to home with a friend (Ilaria –Audrey Couture and I found out that we live in nearby town and so we shared our way back home) , very happy and super-thrilled about the day! It was amazing to know you all and admire your creations worn in person!

I’m sure that many other meet-ups will follow, so I can’t wait to meet you again. In the meantime see you online 😉

First Italian Sewing Meet-up - 28 march 2015

Here are the picture of the group and the list of the girls that joined the meet-up, by Blog Italiani di Cucito:

The organizers:

Anna www.paunnet.com
Marine www.supercut.it
Nicoletta www.dinuvoledicuori.altervista.org
Silvia www.sewingprincess.com

Brunch, swap and shopping fellows:

Anna www.tamagocraft.blogspot.it
Anne-Sarah www.anniecoton.fr
Barbara mademoiselle-chouchou.blogspot.it
Benedetta liveinstyleyourlife.blogspot.it/
Daniela Instagram: instagram.com/ela_stitch/
Diana www.mamma190.blogspot.com
Elisa www.makeitland.com/
Federica Pinterest: Federica Pezzini
Francesca www.ateliervicolon6.jiimdo.com
Giulia Instagram: instagram.com/sewingiu/
Giusi FB: www.facebook.com/giusi.malito?fref=ts
Ilaria audreyclab.blogspot.it
Irene www.SergerPepper.com
Lisa www.cucicucicoo.com
Lucia lucicuce.blogspot.it
Martina www.ladulsatina.com
Paola www.la-casettaincanada.blogspot.it
Sabrina www.samplerdisabrina.wordpress.com
Sandra orlosubito.blogspot.it/
Sasha fruitsflowersclouds.blogspot.it/
Silvia www.kimsoo.it/blog
Tiz stitchnpastitch.blogspot.it
Vittoria FB: www.facebook.com/vittoria.avancini?fref=ts

Video by Giancarlo Garbocci & Francesca – Atelier Vicolo N. 6

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Samantha 1 Aprile 2015 - 18:32

Looks like a great time!

LaDulsaTina 2 Aprile 2015 - 12:23

Yes, we had a very good time! 🙂

Ksenia 2 Aprile 2015 - 12:57

Ciao Martina,
Sorry to bother you with this question, but can you please tell me if any of these beautiful italian ladies live in Rome maybe? I wanted to find someone to ask for advice about fabric shopping in Rome. I’ve tried googling for this info, but all the articles I could find are written by non-italian tourists. So I thought I could find someone from Rome to help me with this a little.

LaDulsaTina 2 Aprile 2015 - 13:19

Ciao Ksenia,
I’m sorry but I think anyone comes from Rome. I’ve just asked for help on the Facebook page of Blog Italiani di Cucito https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blog-italiani-di-cucito/1412600512313648 I’m waiting for a reply. Unfortunately I don’t know any fabric shop in Rome. I’ll let you know 🙂
When are you going to go to Rome?

Ksenia 2 Aprile 2015 - 13:35

Thank you so much for your prompt reply and for posting this question on Facebook!
I’m going to Rome in May for 10 days and thought about doing a little fabric shopping, because, you know… it’s Italy! 🙂 But I’ve only managed to find information on super-expensive shops that are way out of my price range (or almost anyone’s price range it seems).
OK, looking forward to replies in that Facebook group.

Laura - Le Pecionate 2 Aprile 2015 - 15:24

Hi Ksenia!
I am from Rome, but I wasn’t so lucky to be able to join this awesome gathering of people.
Anyway… If you have a car I strongly recommend Diffusione Tessile 97 in via Appia Nuova 1239 (Capannelle area) and Settanni in Ciampino (http://www.centrotessilesettanni.it) because they’re huge!
Be aware that there is another group of stores called “Diffusione Tessile” which sell clothing instead: you need to go to the addresses which I pointed you out.
Otherwise, if you move by public transport, I suggest visiting the area of Largo di Torre Argentina (also one of the main touristic spot to check in Rome) where there are plenty of stores such as Azienda Tessile Romana (www.aziendatessile.it/) or Fratelli Bassetti and many more shops in the nearby Ghetto.
Hope you get lucky and find what you are looking for. I’d love to see your bargains! 🙂
Will it be your first time in Rome?
Hope this helps,

Ksenia 2 Aprile 2015 - 19:03

Oh, thank you so much, Laura! Unfortunately, I won’t have a car, so probably won’t be able to reach the first two. I think I’ve read about Fratelli Bassetti. Is this the one that’s really huge? I believe I’ve also read that it’s pretty expensive. Am I right?
But it’s good to hear that there are other shops in this area as well, so I guess I will just walk around there.
It will actually be my third time in Rome, but the first time since I started sewing, so I don’t want to miss this opportunity to get some cool Italian fabrics 🙂

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