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A new sewing table for a new year!

by Ladulsatina
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A new sewing table for a new year!

With the coming of a new year, and above all with the arrival of my new overlocking machine, I decided it was no longer the case to carry around the two machines all over the house. The time has come to find a fixed place for both of them!

So far I’ve cut and sewed on my living room/kitchen table. But having to take out and put the sewing machine away every time is very inconvenient…without counting the fact that I have obviously to interrupt everything and tidy up before lunch and dinner time. With arrival of the overlocking machine everything’s got even more complex.


I’ve managed to cut out a little corner between my bedroom window and my sewing bookcase, in which I place a little desk. Even the desk is handmade, as well as super low cost… It’s made out of two metal horses picked up at Ikea (total cost of 15€) and a top made with some salvaged fir boards that were left over the sleeping loft we put up at home. Filippo put the top together by gluing the boards and screwing it to the metal horses.


I’ll go on with cutting fabrics in the living room, because the table is open on all four sides and it’s really convenient for cutting with mat and rotatory cutter, but at least the machines have found their own fixed place, decidedly more practical.

ladulsatina sewing table and bookcase

And you, how are you set up? Do you have a dedicated sewing room or do you make do as best as you can, like me?
The dedicated sewing room is a long-held dream! 🙂

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