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Sewing a jersey mini skirt

by Ladulsatina
Sewing a jersey mini skirt

This skirt shouldn’t have been a mini, but a long skirt. I only have mini or above the knee skirts and, as I did with maxidresses this summer, I wanted to give long skirts a try by sewing one of them.
After thinking over it a lot, I decided to make a short skirt instead, that it would have been a lot more versatile for my wardrobe. The reasons of this choice are:

  1. I don’t have a jacket to match with a long skirt (I have to put it in my sewing project list).
  2. I have only a very little scrap of this fabric and only a tight long skirt would have come out, not exactly the kind of skirt I love to wear.

Ladulsatina - Jersey Mini Skirt

I used a cotton jersey remnant I bought in a fabric stall in Berwick Street this summer, when I was in London (here you can find my suggestions for fabric shopping in London).
At first I wanted to make an A-line mini skirt, something similar to 70s’ mini skirts. Then I changed my mind and I drafted and sewed a quite straight skirt up. However if I could go back I would make an A-line skirt because it would be perfect with this kind of fabric.

Ladulsatina - Jersey Mini Skirt back

Anyway it’s very simple making this kind of mini skirt in jersey. You only need to get your waist and hip measurements, the distance/height between your waist and your hip and the length you want your skirt has (I’m 1,63 cm tall and I made my skirt 42 cm high). Being a stretch fabric, you don’t need to add darts, so I drafted a simple block pattern of a skirt without darts, identical for front and back. I slightly flared the skirt on the hemline, adding 2 cm on the side.
Here is the layout of the pattern I drafted (use it for cutting both skirt’s back and front):

ladulsatina pattern scheme jersey mini skirt

I didn’t add seam allowances, except for the hemline, where I added 1,5 cm.

My waistband is 2 cm high, so I cut a band as long as the waist measurement and 2+2cm+1cm (seam allowance) high. If you don’t have a serger, add 2 cm tot. for seam allowance instead of 1 cm. My band was 5 cm high in the end, 2.5 cm if folded in half. I used a elastic band 1 cm high.

Ladulsatina - Jersey Mini Skirt details

I sewed it up with my serger and I finished the hemline with a twin needle on my sewing machine.
At first I sewed one of the two side. Then I sewed the waistband to the waist of the skirt (the waistband is not folded at this stage, you have to fold it later). I sewed also the second side of the skirt and the side of the waistband. I folded the waistband in half and I sewed it to skirt, leaving a little hole to put the elastic band in. I inserted the elastic with a safety pin, I pinned it and finished the seam allowance with the serger (I closed the little hole as well). Then I finished the hemline with serger and twin needle on my sewing machine.
It took me about two hours to cut and sew this skirt only.

Ladulsatina - Jersey Mini Skirt side

A jersey mini skirt is perfect for this change of seasons (when I always don’t know what to wear!). Here is matched with a black top in jersey I drafted and sewed up last winter.

Ladulsatina - Jersey Mini Skirt side

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Juls 2 Ottobre 2016 - 3:30

Cute fabric and cute skirt. Another success Martina 🙂
I prefer mini-skirts too so I am a bit wary of the current trend of longer skirts… I think I will look a bit short in them… oh well.. will see if I get used to making the look work for me…
I meant to visit the stall on Berwick St after your post about it but forgot… doh!

LaDulsaTina 13 Ottobre 2016 - 12:32

I think I look short in them too! 🙂 Maybe I don’t have the right tops to match with a long skirt and that’s the reason why I don’t like them so much…I don’t know. I have to give them a try!
Anyway, I think that the stall on Berwick St is no longer there :(…they told me that it would have been there till the end of September.

Sasha 7 Ottobre 2016 - 15:54

Semplice ma di grande effetto … questa silhouette ti dona moltissimo!

LaDulsaTina 13 Ottobre 2016 - 12:32

Grazie mille Sasha!


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