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WARDROBE ARCHITECT 2015 CHALLENGE – Shapes and silhouettes

by Ladulsatina
WARDROBE ARCHITECT 2015 CHALLENGE – Shapes and silhouettes

The aim of the exercises of the weeks 3 and 4 of the #WAChallenge 2015 was to analyse the shapes of the garments I like and combine these favourite shapes with other items to create balanced silhouettes, without thinking about colours, fabrics, prints and accessories.

Thinking about what I like to wear over the year has been very useful to figure out what my favourite shapes and kind of garments are. Moreover I came across an another amazing tool: Polyvore! Polyvore is a social network/e-commerce that let you create outfits or fashion/design compositions in a simple and super-fast way. You only have to create a new set, look for garments, drag them into the “worksheet”, create your composition, save and public. It’s very simple and fun! Very useful also to quickly create moodboards or to find inspirations, in my opinion.

Anyway, let’s move on to the exercises results:

Generally I always prefer to wear a loose or somewhat fitted garment up matched with a mini length or fitted garment down. And this goes for every season.

Here below I put a few silhouettes that make me feel at ease together. They aren’t real outfits, but only shapes mixed together in order to create a harmonious whole according to me. So I didn’t consider colours, fabrics, prints and accessories.



In winter I almost exclusively use loose or somewhat fitted mini-dresses or long t-shirt made of light-jersey/cotton/modal, matched with a loose knit mini-dress or a long cardigan. I use opaque tights or leggings with biker boots, oxford shoes or boots. Dresses are always mid-thigh length or knee length (long cardigan).


Fall/Winter silhouette #01



Fall/Winter silhouette #02


If I have to dress up more elegant or impish I generally choose a loose dress with an elastic in the waist, or an asymmetric dress, with 3/4 sleeves or full length sleeve, matched with a cardigan. I wear opaque tights and vintage inspired shoes with a 8/10 cm heel.


Fall/Winter silhouette #03


Here is an another silhouette I’ve never worn before but that I’d like to try out:


Fall/Winter silhouette #06




Over fall and spring, I wear different clothes because of the more changeable weather. I usually wear jeans with sneakers (All star mostly) or Oxford shoes. For the top I prefer loose blouse matched with a medium or long length cardigan, or a jacket.

Spring and Fall silhouette #01



Fall/Winter silhouette #05




Over spring and summer I prefer to wear mid-thigh length dresses (I like different shapes…here below you can find my favourite ones), loose blouses or fitted and long t-shirts/singlets, cardigans or light jackets. I often wear jeans (except in July and August, that are prohibitive months because of the hot weather), a light sweater or a light jacket. I almost always wear flat sandals. From time to time I wear heels in the evening.

Spring/Summer silhouette #03



Summer silhouette #04



Spring/Summer silhouette #01



Spring/Summer silhouette #02


I’ve shown you most of the silhouettes I prefer, I’ll obviously keep them update over time. For now this is only the beginning.

The exercises of the following weeks will go deeper into colours selection…

See you soon for the next updates!

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Nicoletta 4 Febbraio 2015 - 22:12

Quanto lavoro dietro!!! sicuramente utilissimo, non vedo l ora di vedere i progressi!

LaDulsaTina 5 Febbraio 2015 - 13:45

Grazie Nicoletta!!! 🙂 impegnativo, però mi sto divertendo…ed pure utile! Su alcune cose non mi ero mai soffermata a ragionare…

Samantha 4 Febbraio 2015 - 22:48

Great job! I love seeing what others come up with for their silhouettes.

LaDulsaTina 5 Febbraio 2015 - 13:43

Thank you Samantha!!! 🙂 It’s the same for me! And yours are amazing! 😉


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