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WARDROBE ARCHITECT 2015 CHALLENGE – Week 1 and 2: defining my core style

by Ladulsatina
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WARDROBE ARCHITECT 2015 CHALLENGE - Week 1 and 2: defining my core style

I finished up the exercises of the first two weeks of the WAChallenge 2015, where the aim was to figure out what my tastes are (and what they are conditioned by) as well as starting to understand what my core style is. Spare time is not really much and so I packed the first two weeks into only one.

Considering that I like to dress in thousand different ways and I haven’t got a precise style, I tried to focus on myself and on my way of being in my everyday life in order to find what styles make me really feel at ease. I’ve never paused to reflect on these things, so it was really difficult on the one hand, but fun and useful on the other hand.

My way of dressing has changed really much over the years and it has been in a constant evolution. Above all it changes according to my mood, my personal growth or external situations that condition me.
I’m very rational at times, but also impulsive and this affects my way of being and so of dressing. I go between moments in which I want to be impish with moments in which I want to be more rigorous. My more rational and my more imaginative parts don’t find peace and have always been in conflict with themselves :). Moreover I’m an extremely curious person as far as visual arts go. I adore to look at shapes, patterns and graphics and I think this influences my aesthetic taste every day.

I’m not exactly good in defining myself and it also makes me feel uncomfortable :), so it was difficult to choose the 5 words that describe me better. I think they are:

simple, impish, independent, optimist, curious

Translated into “labels”, I could tell you that I dress casual (the dictionary translates it as “cheerfully careless” in Italian …I really like this translation 🙂 ), minimal and gamine (I also came across this new word thanks to these exercises!)

WARDROBE ARCHITECT 2015 CHALLENGE - my core style composition

I’ve created a board on Pinterest that represents my core style, a series of pictures that shows what these 5 adjectives mean for me. I’ve also created a second board, in which I’ve collected some outfits I like, even if they don’t portray me 100%, and a third one that collects my style icons.


I love to get lost on Pinterest, so this first part of the WAChallenge2015 was very fun!

The exercises of the following weeks will be instead more technical and go deeper into shapes and silhouette.

See you soon for the next updates!

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